Student Services

Mt Henry Dental Clinic

All students aged 5 – 17 years who are attending school at a recognised education provider are eligible for enrollment in the school dental service, this is an optional service and your child can be withdrawn at any point.

Students in the service are eligible for free general dental services such as check-ups, preventative care and teeth cleanings if required.

Collier Primary School students are usually seen at:
Mt Henry Dental Therapy Centre, 43 Mt Henry Rd Salter Point 
Ph: 9313 0552


Students at Collier have access to a modern and expansive library with an assortment of both fiction and non-fiction texts to explore.

Each class has one lesson with the library officer every week to encourage students love of reading and to familiarise them with library routines and systems. This lesson is also when students can borrow two books provided they have a library bag.

Collier Primary School holds a book fair each year providing students and parents the opportunity to purchase good-quality books and encourage home reading.

School Chaplain

The School Chaplaincy program started in 1982 through the support of local churches providing funding for chaplains in two schools in Western Australia. The program has grown over the years and more come to understand the value of the service. YouthCARE, a not-for-profit community service organisation, employs all chaplains in WA Public Schools, in an arrangement with the State and Federal Government as well as churches, businesses and other community groups.

Collier Primary School provides a Chaplaincy program that assists the school community to support the wellbeing of students, staff and families. This includes strengthening values, providing greater pastoral care and enhancing engagement with the broader community. Our Chaplain, Meng (‘Chappy Meng’), works 2 days a week and is available to support the school community regardless of faith and cultural backgrounds.Her main role is to cultivate the personal and social wellbeing of students, their families and staff in need of social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support.

It’s really easy for children and families to access Chappy. They can look for her in the playground and go and have a chat, speak to their teacher about making an appointment, or speak to their mum and dad about calling the school and talking to the deputy or principal. Meetings with Chappy can be formal, informal and more often than not spontaneous!