2024 Key Staff

Collier Primary School currently has 273 (2023) students from Kindy through to Year 6. We offer a range of specialist subjects including Indonesian (Year 1-6), Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Physical Education, and Science.

In addition, there are a range of before and after school activities that students can be involved if they choose. These include: Little Athletics, Yamaha Music School, Weekend Cricket Club, Volleyball, Tennis, Running Club and Helping Hands before and after school care.

Emma Bancroft Principal
Emily Ker-David Deputy Principal- Student Services
Amanda Brown (0.8-Mon- Thurs) Deputy Principal- Teaching & Learning
Hope Morrison Manager of Corporate Services (MCS)
Robyn Paul-Utiera School Officer (Mon-Tues)
Emma Wells School Officer (Wed-Fri)
Cherie Leicester / Katie Weppner Kindergarten
Gemma Cook/ Sandra Putt Education Assistants
Tania McElwee Pre-Primary Blue
Sinead Holland PPB DOTT (Wed)
Tash van Erp/ Eleece Steinbacher Education Assistants
Cathy Stewart Pre-Primary Yellow
Loretta Clark PPY DOTT (Wed)
Paula Sefton /Eleece Steinbacher Education Assistants
Michelle Scher Room 1  Year 1
Summer Gulberti Room 2  Year 1
Elje O’Kane Room 3  Year 2
Emma Sharp Room 4  Year 2
Adam Falla/ Wesley Milburn (Wednesday) Room 5 Year 5
Ann-Marie Meredith Room 6  Year 3
Eleanor Harrison Room 7  Year 3
Alan McGrath Room 8 Year 4
Raqyaa Rashid Room 9  Year 4/5
Nerashnee Keane Room 10 Year 6
Loretta Clark Art Specialist
Anna Lissienko Music
Maria Mulyana LOTE – Indonesian Yrs 3 – 6
Alan Vale Phys Ed
Jennifer Marumo HASS
Emily Ulrich Science
Nuha Almasaody Coordinator EAL/D
Nuha Almasaody Library Officer
Joshua Benjamin Chaplain
Maree Gardiner Lead SN Education Assistant
Eleece Steinbacher SN Education Assistant
Yasmine Elserafy SN Education Assistant
Savannah Henshaw SN Education Assistant
Mary Henshaw SN Education Assistant
Natasha Collard AIEO
Rhianna Nelson School Psychologist
Akash Koonjul Cleaner in Charge
TBA Cleaner Level 1
Kent Mudie Gardener
Natalie Petricevich Canteen Manager (P&C)
Haziqah Mahfoot Community Health Nurse