P&C Association

The P&C is often thought to be only about fundraising for additional resources and amenities to the school. In fact, it also provides many other valuable services. It helps you and your children by;

  • Giving parents/carers an opportunity to learn about the schools policies and programs;
  • Organising ways in which parents/carers can share in developing school policies so that they reflect the broader agreement of the school community;
  • Bringing parents together to share information and views;
  • Assisting the school to build positive attitudes to students and their families;
  • Stimulating community interest and participation in education.

Get involved

A parent, carer, extended family member or any member of the community who shares an interest in the school are eligible to be involved in the P&C Association.  Many P&C volunteers juggle work and other commitments but they find that the school is a much improved place with their contributions. Kids always know you are interested in them when you become involved in their school lives.

P&C Members

Any member of the association can stand for and be elected at the AGM to the Executive Positions of;

  • President;
  • Vice President;
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer.

In addition there are individual volunteer coordinators for the;

  • Canteen;
  • Uniform shop;
  • Events and Social Club;
  • Playground Development Committee;
  • Safety House Representative
  • Individual parent class delegates.

Our governing body is West Australian Council of State School’s Organisation Inc (WACSSO) who manages the P&C insurances and guidelines. The Collier P&C association is governed by the Education Department policies and discretion of the Principal.

The ECC usually has at least one volunteer representative to put across the views and funding requests at the P&C meetings. This person(s) can express interest or be decided upon by the ECC parents in the first few weeks of the school year and then endorsed by the P&C at the AGM.


The Collier P&C Association meetings are generally held at 7pm in the school library on Mondays in Weeks 2 and 7 of each term.

These meetings are often attended by the Principal and teaching staff which is a great way to get to know them and find ways to support the very valuable asset of good staff.

All parents / carers should consider attending at least one P&C meeting per semester to keep informed and aware of our activities and plans. Please consider donating your time, resources and support to one of the many ways to enhance your child’s educational experience. For example children love having you help at the canteen, do your child’s classroom reading help, turn sausages or help build projects in the playground. Think about how quickly they grow up and make time to support them and their school.

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact any of the executive members (emails below) or catch me at school pickup times. Information is available on the school website and you may also like to become a member of our closed Facebook group.

P&C Meeting Minutes