School Council

The Role of the School Council is to support the school and community in administering the affairs of the school to best meet the needs of the students. While the educational curriculum is the Provence of the School Administrative Team, guidance and support is sort from this integral body.

  • Half council elections are conducted each school year to ensure continuity within the Council.
  • Members are elected from the school community, P&C. and the staff.
  • Community members are welcome to attend as observers to any of the scheduled meeting in a non-voting capacity.
  • Meetings are held in the library commencing at 5:30pm every 4th and 8th week of the term and are advertised in the school newsletter.

School Council Nomination Form

Schools Funding Agreement (2019)


School Council Minutes – 5 August 2019

School Council Minutes – 17 June 2019

School Council Minutes – 18 Feb 2019